Building Apple’s original Macintosh computer out of Lego isn’t exactly a new feat on the internet, with numerous versions of the famous computer floating around online (including this one from Chris McVeigh, featuring both accurate hardware internals and comprehensive instructions is probably the best of them.)

But programmer Jannis Hermanns has taken things a step further with a functional (ish) classic Macintosh built out of Lego, a Raspberry Pi Zero, and an e‑paper display. While it doesn’t quite run MacOS, the little Lego computer does run software called Docker, which can do things like work as a clock or display images on the e-paper screen. And by using a service called, Hermanns is able to remotely update the software over Wi-Fi, which is kind of neat.

Photo: Jannis Hermanns / Flickr

Source: The Verge


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